There are a number of different accessories for your chop saw featured here to assist with your projects. The list includes blades, laser saw guides, extensions, dust bags, crown stops and much more. In addition to full descriptions of the tool and its specifications, we also provide you with an overview of online reviews in an effort to help you choose the right product for your home or work setting.

  • Everlast MT1280D 12″ Miter Saw Blade

    Everlast MT1280D 12The Everlast MT1280D is an industrial quality blade, manufactured to go beyond the demands of intense production. It is intended for cutting wood molding on all types of miter machinery and includes Rockwell miter box saws.

    Negative tooth design provides the least possible grab of material. Thin kerf for Ryobi, Craftsman, Makita, Dewalt and Hitachi miter saw. This is an outstanding blade with a grand price tag. I have put it through it’s paces on my miter saw, and it cut hard and soft woods easily and cuts prefinished molding with no tears front or back. The big industrial style carbide will allow for sharpening many times, unlike the teeth on most comparable price blades.

    I will be purchasing a couple more to add to my blade rotations. This Everlast MT1280D blade is beyond my expectation for this kind of blade. Cuttings made through Birch plywood are even with minuscule splintering of the veneers. Cuts made through popular woods are very even with no burning or discoloring. The carbide tips are extremely thick and well sharpened. Give these a try – you will not regret it. Read more…

  • SKIL 3302-02 Quick Mount Miter Saw Stand

    SKIL 3302-02 Quick Mount Miter Saw StandThe Skil 3302-02 Quick Mount Portable Miter Saw Stand supports up to 400 pounds to easily support heavy work pieces. It is compact, easy to assemble and  fits most miter saws. It is part of the Skil rapid mount system, allowing for fast and easy setup of Skil miter saws directly onto the stand.

    The brackets are not even needed. Skil 3302-02 can be used with most sliding miter saws up to 10″, as well as compound miter saws up to 12″. This stand boasts extension arms that reach up to 7.85′ for the longer work pieces. The saw stand was simple to assemble. It can easily be compared to more costly stands, as it’s so efficient and simple to use. I would recommend it for the occasional user and specialised user. It took more time to take out of the box, then it did to assemble. Read more…

  • Kreg KMS8000 Precision Trak and Stops Kit

    Kreg-KMS8000Cutting wood with precision is a significant part of making sure the project turns out just right. The imprecision of a pencil mark on a board can then be compounded when you follow the incorrect markings with the saw.

    The Kreg KMS8000 Precision Trak plus Stop Kit is designed to take the guesswork out of cutting wood to length. This kit contains 8′  of  track  in 2′  sections of anodized aluminum track that could be mounted to a shop-made support wing – built to the height of your miter saw.

    A 1/2″ self-adhesive tape is then applied to the top of the fence. This is an extremely accurate way to measure, and eliminates the need for a tape measure and pencil.The Precision trak and Stop Kit allows this to happen, by placing the lens cursor on the board length required, place your board against the stop and cut. Precise, action can be repeated and cutting couldn’t be easier. The Kreg KMS8000 Precision measure Systems Kit give you the hardware you require to build a miter saw station, that would turn your saw into a precise cutting system. Read more…

  • DEWALT DWX724 Compact Miter Saw Stand

    DEWALT DWX724 Compact Miter Saw StandThe DEWALT DWX724 Miter Saw Stand has a worldwide design that works with all brands of miter saws. Made of lightweight aluminium, it weighs just 29.8 lbs.

    It’s simple to transport to and from the work site, has folding legs and is tremendously durable. The 40-Inch beam extends to support up to 10 feet of matter and up to 500 lbs. Work stops and supports could be repositioned rapidly anywhere along the rail. This is a grand addition to a DIYer’s workshop. It might also help contractors do diverse remodelling or finishing work. It is simple to setup and adjust, is extremely portable and will last a long time.

    The Dewalt DWX724 Compact Miter Saw Stand is a work bench with a genuine want-to-work approach that is going to get plenty of use for years to come. There is a two button device to remove saws from the brackets – cumbersome perhaps the first two tries – however after you get the hang of it, simple.  You realize how strong the bond is on your saw and workstation. Dewalt advertise that the 724 could support 10’ of material, however you can press out a few extra feet if you know what you are doing. Read more…

  • Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Miter Saws, Silver

    Rousseau 5000 Dust Solution for Miter Saws, SilverCapture dust produced by your miter saw, with this grand dust solution from Rousseau. It has a pop-up tent for quick and easy installation and fits all miter saws, no matter the angle. The hood captures dust and directs the airflow to the 4” void port. Use with your shop vacuum or your shops dust collection system.

    This type of miter saw is one of the most innovative tools used in workshops and with woodworkers. Most woodworkers love this Rousseau 5000, since it removes and collects the dirt made by miter saws. It is designed with unique features, which could be one of the reasons why there are plenty of users who find it useful, helpful and efficient.

    The installation is quick, and it is suitable for all miter saws – no matter the angle. When it comes to the cost of this product, there is nothing to be concerned about. One would assume that with all the excellent features, it might be a pricey item to purchase. This is just not the case, and the price is very reasonable. You will not regret purchasing this Rousseau 5000 Dust resolution for Miter Saws, because it will certainly help you in maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace and it’s also  environmentally-friendly. Read more…

  • Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand

    Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw StandThe Bosch T4B Miter Saw Stand is an original design, that makes lifting and lowering a heavy miter saw, remarkably easy. We could spend a lot of time talking about pivot points and leverage, however, that is extremely boring.

    Using the Bosch T4B is certainly not boring. You wouldn’t believe at how easily it folds and sets up. The Bosch T4B can handle base mold (Angled) up to 3-1/2″ extensive and crown molding 4-1/4extensive. The Bosch T4B is 51-1/2″ in length and  34-1/2″-tall. It can handle up to 16-feet of materials and length extended is 103.15″.   The stand is 48-1/2”, the breadth is 27-3/4” and it weighs 76-pounds. The 8”-tall tire make moving this stand with my Bosch 10” SCMS on it, extremely easy.

    When folding up, the Bosch T4B Miter Saw Stand saves a lot of valuable shop space. These mounts are able to accept all Bosch miter saws, as well as the same machines from their competitors. Sliding nuts built into the mount, makes configuring them for your saw extremely easy. Bosch includes excellent fasteners to secure your saw to the Bosch T4B Miter Saw Stand. Read more…

  • Bosch GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Stand

    Bosch GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw StandMiter saws are continually evolving and getting more ergonomic. Along the same lines, manufacturers are constantly updating miter stands. Bosch recently introduced two new miter saw stands and we tested one of them, the GTA3800.

    The Bosch GTA3800 is a flop miter saw stand, built from excellent aluminum parts plus offers an excellent job site support for miter saws. The part that I like best on the GTA3800, is how you attach a miter saw to the stand and how you remove it for transport. It comes with two brackets or clamps that you join to the base of your miter saw. It attaches easily with four bolts that secure the miter saw station to the bracket.

    The brackets then just snap into the casing of the miter saw stand. It’s just as simple to  break down and makes it very easy to carry. The Bosch GTA3800 is an outstanding miter saw stand. It is lightweight, unyielding and easy to use. It offers excellent features including counting roller supports on the left and right side, along with the recurring cut stops on both sides. The stand is simple to set up and to top it all, it’s able to support most of the miter saws in the marketplace. Read more…

  • Genesis GMSS400W Heavy-Duty Miter Saw Stand

    Genesis GMSS400W Heavy-Duty Miter Saw StandThe Genesis GMSS400W Miter Saw Stand gives you an instant portable workstation, whenever you want to use your miter saw. This stand is a workhorse, sustaining up to 400 lbs.

    It accommodates all Genesis and most other miter saws, including the 12″ sliding miter saw. The roller support is adjustable for height and length, with no tools required. It can be extended up to 110″. The quick-fold design has wheels to make for easy transport and storage. An adaptable foot keeps the stand level on uneven surfaces.

    The Genesis GMSS400W stand is relatively reliable but due to the fact that the legs do fold up, they have more play in them than perhaps you might think. The wheels are an excellent feature.  The wheels, along with the quick-fold design, enables me to move the saw about my job site, without taking it apart or needing to ask others for help. It was extremely easy to assemble; the directions are clear and simple. The Mounting Brackets fit my saw completely, and the stand incorporated more than sufficient mounting bolts to fit whatever saw or other tool I might put on it. Read more…

  • Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster 12-Inch 80-tooth ATB Miter Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

    Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster 12-Inch 80-tooth ATB Miter Saw Blade with 1-Inch ArborThe Forrest CM12806115 miter saw blade is specially designed for radial arm saws and compound miter saws. This blade is far heavier than other designs, which makes it durable and efficient at cutting with ease. The dual hard, submicron carbon that the blade is made from, will last up to 300 % longer than regular blades.Cuts clean every time with the exclusive tooth style on the edge, ensuring that there are no bottom splinters.

    You will be so impressed with this product and the excellent way it cuts. The 12” blade includes a 1/8″ kerf in addition to a 1″ arbor hole, which ensures that it can be used on multiple saws.There is zero tearout with the Forrest CM12806115 miter saw blade. Every cut is like a hot knife through butter. The results are superb, however this blade is costly. However you get what you pay for – which is excellence. Not only is this blade outstanding, but it will  last longer; thus, it is in fact, more cost effective than the more affordable alternatives.  The blade is straight, and perfect, which is another advantage that you will notice. Read more…

  • FastCap Chopshop Saw Hood

    FastCap T21343 Chopshop Sew hoodThe FastCap T21343 Chopshop Saw Hood is an extremely useful piece of equipment as it can eliminate all the sawdust in your workplace.

    This chop saw hood is simple to operate and comfy to use – either for cleaning the house and more precisely, the workplace. The FastCap System would impress you when you discover how much it can help you. It’s a great help in cleaning up and saves you the additional pressure to clean all the sawdust  in your wood workshop, after a long day of working.

    It’s a very creative design, and easy to move from one machine to another.If you have a workshop that constantly needs cleaning, this is the perfect product for you. . Read more…

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