The Bosch company was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany. Bosch gained fame quickly when he invented the first low voltage magneto for gas motors the following year. The company grew to become a multinational engineering and electronics company and in 2011 was the largest supplier of automotive components in the world. The company opened its first factory in 1901 and by 1927 was manufacturing headlights, windscreen wipers, and injection diesel pumps. Notably, the company introduced its first power drill in 1932. The company continued to invent many products including the Oxygen sensor in 1976, the first electric anti-locking system in 1978, electric motor control in 1979, traction control system in 1986, xenon car light in 1991, electronic stability control in 1995, common rail direct fuel injection in 1997 and direct fuel injection in 2000.

There are a number of different Bosch brand chop saws featured here to assist with your projects. In addition to full descriptions of the tool and its specifications, we also provide you with an overview of online reviews in an effort to help you choose the right product for your home or work setting.

  • Bosch CM10GD 10-Inch Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw, 15-Amp

    Bosch CM10GD Miter SawWhat sets this Miter saw apart from all the rest is the design. Specifically the patented axial-glide system. The system uses a hinged or articulating glide arm in place of the traditional sliding rail system. This allows for deeper cuts, a compact, space-saving design and a more precise cut. The additional design features of the Bosch CM10GD include upfront bevel controls which are made of metal and consist of a bevel lock lever and range selector. The upfront location of these items allow for quicker and much easier adjustments preventing potential accidents by eliminating the need to reach behind the saw to adjust.

    Weighing in at a solid 78.4-pounds (shipping weight) this product is packed with extras including a crown/chop lock which locks the head in place providing maximum chop cutting capacity when cutting upright base molding and nested crown molding. There’s also a large form-fitting ergonomic handle with a soft grip for easy handling for long days on the job. The handle is also ambidextrous. Then there’s the power – the Bosch CM10GD comes with a 15-Amp 4,000 RPM motor that runs smooth and provides fast cutting action.

    The miter adjustments range from 52-degrees left to 60-degrees right and the bevel capacity ranges from 47-degress left to 47-degrees right. The cut capacity ranges from 12-inches horizontally to 5.5-inches vertically and 6-inches crown against the 45-degree spring fence. The Bosch CM10GD package includes the saw, a 60-tooth blade, a material clamp and a dust bag.

    Online reviewers agree that the design of this miter saw does stand out and make it a very competitive product based on the patented axial-glide system. It operates smoothly and is accurate for many different cuts but can be slightly off on other cuts, but not by much. One reviewer has learned to adjust his cuts so that they end up true once factoring in the adjustment. The laser guide light is extremely useful however, some users indicate that the laser is not effective when cutting outdoors in bright sunlight. The compact size is a bonus as is the easy to read and locate cutting guide markings. All other buttons and controls, as well as the soft grip handle all are noted as positives by online reviewers. Overall, the Bosch CM10GD is a great saw. It does provide value for cost but is maybe not the best choice for outdoor construction but performs well for smaller jobs and for hobbyists. Read more…

  • Bosch GCM12SD 120-Volt 12-Inch DB Glide Miter Saw

    Bosch GCM12SD Miter SawWhen you saw the term ‘glide miter saw’ what did you picture? Well, regardless of where your mind went with that, Bosch has used their patented axial-glide system in the design of the GCM12SD. What it means is really just two things: precision in a little space. The axial-glide system is described by the manufacturer as operating by folding the articulated arm flush with the back of the saw. What this ends up doing is reducing the size of the workspace needed for operation by up to 12 inches. It also allows this saw to work with little in the way of clearance behind it which makes it a great match for tiny work sites.

    The specs are impressive as the Bosch GCM12SD has an expanded cutting capacity of 14-inches horizontally, 6.5-inches vertically and a 6.5-inch crown capacity with a 45-degree spring. The miter scales are easy to read in stainless steel with marked detents and roof pitch angles to reduce the number of additional tools you’ll need when cutting material. The Squarelock fence features “high-precision” alignments 90-degrees to the table and is worry-free in that it never needs to be adjusted. An added feature to ensure support is the one-touch lock/unlock to slide fence mechanism.

    To make long hours with the saw easier to take there is a soft-grip ambidextrous handle and for easy clean up there is a combination dust chute and vacuum adaptor. The upfront controls are also very easy to understand, access and use. Weighing in at a hefty 88.2-pounds (shipping weight) this package includes the 12-inch dual-bevel glide miter saw, a 60-tooth blade, material clamp, a blade wrench, a 90-degree dust chute elbow/vacuum adaptor and a dust bag.

    Online reviews of the Bosch GCM12SD are generally positive with a number of comments related to design noted including the “very loose” glide which may be a good thing depending on what you are using the saw for. Some reviewers point to the motor having a “kick” to it from start up and that the handle appears higher than in similar designs made by other manufacturers. The thumb safety release has been described by some reviewers as being “stiff” and the saw itself is considered awkward for carrying. Aside from those issues, the Bosch GCM12SD is a solidly-built saw that can handle a variety of cutting chores. The dual-bevel glide feature makes it a very different tool that may or may not fit into your collection of tools depending entirely on your intended use. Read more…

  • Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand

    Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw StandThe Bosch T4B Miter Saw Stand is an original design, that makes lifting and lowering a heavy miter saw, remarkably easy. We could spend a lot of time talking about pivot points and leverage, however, that is extremely boring.

    Using the Bosch T4B is certainly not boring. You wouldn’t believe at how easily it folds and sets up. The Bosch T4B can handle base mold (Angled) up to 3-1/2″ extensive and crown molding 4-1/4extensive. The Bosch T4B is 51-1/2″ in length and  34-1/2″-tall. It can handle up to 16-feet of materials and length extended is 103.15″.   The stand is 48-1/2”, the breadth is 27-3/4” and it weighs 76-pounds. The 8”-tall tire make moving this stand with my Bosch 10” SCMS on it, extremely easy.

    When folding up, the Bosch T4B Miter Saw Stand saves a lot of valuable shop space. These mounts are able to accept all Bosch miter saws, as well as the same machines from their competitors. Sliding nuts built into the mount, makes configuring them for your saw extremely easy. Bosch includes excellent fasteners to secure your saw to the Bosch T4B Miter Saw Stand. Read more…

  • Bosch GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Stand

    Bosch GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw StandMiter saws are continually evolving and getting more ergonomic. Along the same lines, manufacturers are constantly updating miter stands. Bosch recently introduced two new miter saw stands and we tested one of them, the GTA3800.

    The Bosch GTA3800 is a flop miter saw stand, built from excellent aluminum parts plus offers an excellent job site support for miter saws. The part that I like best on the GTA3800, is how you attach a miter saw to the stand and how you remove it for transport. It comes with two brackets or clamps that you join to the base of your miter saw. It attaches easily with four bolts that secure the miter saw station to the bracket.

    The brackets then just snap into the casing of the miter saw stand. It’s just as simple to  break down and makes it very easy to carry. The Bosch GTA3800 is an outstanding miter saw stand. It is lightweight, unyielding and easy to use. It offers excellent features including counting roller supports on the left and right side, along with the recurring cut stops on both sides. The stand is simple to set up and to top it all, it’s able to support most of the miter saws in the marketplace. Read more…

  • Bosch CM8S 8-1/2 Inch Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Bosch CM8S 8-1/2 Inch Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter SawWhen it comes to accurate cutting on the job site, a miter saw is a necessary tool, however the downside is that it is generally one of the largest tools to lug around. The unique Bosch CM8S may be the perfect option for expert quality cutting, whilst at the same time being lightweight and portable.

    The Bosch CM8S saw does carry all the excellence you’d anticipate from Bosch, including the expandable work surface, solid construction, and user-friendly control. The motor is a smaller 12 amp unit, however, seemed to perform extremely well with everything we threw at it.. The top carry handle was designed to make carrying or working all day, very comfortable.  When you push the handle downwards, it pushes against the dust bag which enables the  dust to flow directly into the bag. This didn’t appear to block in our test – but seems like there could have been a better resolution to limit possible issues down the road.

    With the dirt collection vacuum hose attached to the handle -it stays more vertical against the house – so it’s not in the way. However if we are being critical, it does seem a little awkward. Read more…

  • Bosch 4310 10-Inch Dual-Bevel Slide Miter Saw

    Bosch 4310 10-Inch Dual-Bevel Slide Miter SawIf you have worked in a woodwork shop or with wood pieces in general, then you know how significant precise and clean cuts should be, in order to produce a piece that is professional, useable and aesthetically pleasant.

    The Bosch 4310 10-Inch Miter Saw gives you all this and much more. It might be time to switch saws for one that offers you expert results for a lower price.

    The Bosch 4310 Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw, is a saw being used by carpenters and wood shop workers around the globe. This saw is motorized by a 15amp, 4800rpm motor that provides the user with the power they require to cut through material with ease.

    The bevel lock handle and the range selector, both of which are metal, are situated in the front of the machine, offering user easier access and efficiency. The Bosch 4310 Slide Miter Saw come equipped with an electronic brake that makes recurring cuts rapid and precise.

    Easy bevel system is given by the devices two speed-track sliding fence. Material support extends to up to 37 ¼ inches, because of the 21” aluminum base as well as sliding extension of the machine. Read more…

  • Bosch 3814 14-Inch Abrasive Cut-Off Machine

    Bosch 3814 14-Inch Abrasive Cut-Off MachineBosch 3814 Cut-Off mechanism is specially designed for heavy duty projects. It gives craftsmen right through to commercial enterprises, a continuous and sturdy tool that can cut through pretty much anything.

    The Bosch 3814 14″ Abrasive  Cut-off Machine features a powerful 15amp motor, 3,900 RPM and advanced motor insulation. In addition, there is extra motor over-load defense during hard applications. Locking vise with rapid release holds awkward material steady for quick and efficient cutting.

    Spindle Lock for rapid wheel changes. Ball and roller bearing construction delivers smooth, powerful transmission and leads to extended tool life. Adjustable depth stops take the guess work out of cutting precise depths. Precision helical steel gears assist quality manufacturing and building, and aids in longer life.

    Bosch 3814 Cut-Off Machine can use a broad variety of abrasive wheels and blades, each with different cutting power and ability – although they are sold individually.

    It include a 36 grit aluminum wheel. Just remember to make sure that you are running the correct wheel or blade in this unit for the material that you are cutting. One of the security features that stands out is the addition of a “smart” activated lock mechanism. Read more…