Craftsman Tools was registered as a trademark by Sears in 1927 when hardware department head Arthur Barrows bought the rights for the name from the Marion-Craftsman Tool Company for 500 dollars. At the time, customers were mostly farmers. To increase the appeal of the tools Tom Dunlap, who succeeded Barrows, added chrome plating to the tools to mark the dawn of the automobile age. Tools in the Sears stable follow a “good, better, best” pricing tier with the Craftsman brand in the middle and Craftsman Professional and Industrial lines at the higher end. From the 1930s to 1950s the lower end tool line was named Sears as well as Dunlap. The Sears tool line was discontinued in the 1980s and has been replaced more than once since. Craftsman Tools have never been manufactured by Sears, as the company opted to use other manufacturing companies to produce the tools and brand them with their name. Sears hand power tools have been made by various companies including DeWalt.

There are a number of different Craftsman brand chop saws featured here to assist with your projects. In addition to full descriptions of the tool and its specifications, we also provide you with an overview of online reviews in an effort to help you choose the right product for your home or work setting.

  • Craftsman 10″ Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Craftsman 10A Craftsman 10′ Sliding Miter Saw gets the job done exactly right. Smooth cutting with laser guided accuracy, lightweight, moveable and cutting flawlessly through thick material. It works extremely well, and the slider is incredibly smooth.

    This is an exceptionally good addition for a job site or home shop. The machine is powerful yet accurate. My single gripe is about the length of the slide. It could not cut all the way through a piece of wood we had glued up, which we thought it could handle. If the slider had been just 2 inches longer, it would’ve work. Using this saw is an ideal way to save cash on any job.

    The Craftsman 10′ sliding miter saw uses smaller, easy-to-maintain blades than larger models. Despite this, the saw still delivers the reach to spin through boards up to 12 inches wide. Each saw has an incorporated arbor lock for suitable blade changes, however they don’t all work the same. The Festools rotating knob locks and stay in place throughout blade changes. With the others, you hold a button to lock the arbor. Read more…