Founded in 1878 in Japan by Shozo Kawasaki, who opened a shipyard to construct ocean-going steel ships. By 1886 the company expanded to become the Kawasaki Dockyard. The company started manufacturing locomotives, freight cars, passenger carriages and bridge girders in 1906 and marine steam turbines in 1907. An Aircraft Department was formed in 1918 which led to the manufacturing of airplanes with Japan’s first metal aircraft coming from the Kawasaki plant. Many changes followed with the first Kawasaki motorcycle produced in 1961. The company is now known as a technological enterprise that is involved in ventures ranging from large scale international projects to recreational items used in daily life. The company has continued to follow a focus on humankind and the environment in all activities they are involved in.

There are a number of different Kawasaki brand chop saws featured here to assist with your projects. In addition to full descriptions of the tool and its specifications, we also provide you with an overview of online reviews in an effort to help you choose the right product for your home or work setting.

  • Kawasaki 841226 14-Inch Cut Off 15-Amp Saw

    Kawasaki 841226 14-Inch Cut Off 15-Amp SawThe new Kawasaki 841226 Saw solidifies their reputation as a manufacturer of excellent power tools. The tool is versatile, constant and delivers across the board.

    Designed and developed to act as a dependable “chop saw” for metals and more robust construction materials (like masonry elements, for example), this cut-off saw is comparatively inexpensive.

    Built on the back of a 120v 15 amp motor, it delivers a maximum speed of 2800 RPM. It has a 14-inch blade depth which allows for a diverse range of similar blades and attachments to be used.

    There are so many uses for this saw. The maximum cutting capacity of Kawasaki 841226 Saw is 6 ½ inches on 90° angle cuts and decreases to 3 7/8 inches when you are down to a 45° angle cut.

    This has a lot of extra features that you may not find in other saws. You will find it goes the extra mile compared to other similar products.

    When you factor in the three-year warranty that all of these Kawasaki 841226 saws come with, you are looking at an excellent power tool investment here. Read more…