Founded in 1915 originally as an electric motor sales and repair company, Makita became the first company in Japan to produce and market electric planers in 1958. Portable power tools eventually took over much of the focus of the company in the years that followed including the introduction of the first rechargeable power tool in 1969, the first nickel cadmium battery tool in 1978 and the first lithium-ion battery tool in 2005.

There are a number of different Makita brand chop saws featured here to assist with your projects. In additional to full descriptions of the tool and its specifications, we also provide you with an overview of online reviews in an effort to help you choose the right product for your home or work setting.

  • Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Kit

    Makita LS1221 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw KitThe Makita brand has yet to fail us when it comes to making outstanding saws. If you’re in the marketplace for a good miter saw, the Makita LS1221 12-inch Miter Saw is one you should definitely check out.

    The Makita LS1221 Compound Miter Saw is an additional creation brought to us by the recognized Makita brand. This miter saw kit includes the carbide tipped blade, a socket wrench, a vise, and two additional wings as well as a dust bag. Everything you require for a good miter saw, you would find in this kit. The dust bag allows for cleaner cutting, as it catches the dust as well as as wood particles that fall as you saw.

    The miter scale is both easy to use and simple to read. It allows for more exact cutting by offering nine positive stops, at 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45 and 0 degrees, in both directions. The LS1221 is engineered for an extensive range of trade. If you are seeking for an advanced 12-inch miter saw for the job site or else the bench top, this is recommended. The Makita LS1221 has been engineered for a broad range of business, including finish carpenters, expert woodworkers, case and base installers, and cabinet installers. Read more…

  • Makita XSL01Z LXT Lithium Ion Cordless Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Tool, 7 ½-Inch

    Makita XSL01Z LXT Lithium Ion Cordless Dual Slide Compound Miter SawPortable and powerful best describes this cordless miter saw manufactured by Makita. The power comes from a 2,200 RPM motor and the portable is a reference to the size – it weighs just 27.5-pounds (shipping weight is listed at 36.9-pounds). It may be portable but don’t let the size fool you as this saw has a large dimensional lumber capacity with the ability to cut 2-inch by 12-inch at 90-degrees as well as 1-inch by 8 3/8-inch at 45-degrees. The miter range is 0 to 47-degrees left and 0 to 57-degrees right with bevels running from 0 to 45-degrees left to 0 to 5-degrees right. For added stability to assist with the accuracy of the cuts, this saw has a four steel rail sliding system.

    The Makita XSL01Z is the ideal saw for use by the do-it-yourselfer working on small jobs in any room of the house to flooring contactors, cabinet installers, base installers and various other commercial applications. The portability also makes this a great cutting solution for the hobbyist or crafter who uses wood as part of their projects.

    Online reviewers like this product but point out that because it is a cordless model, it does not have the power of a corded Makita. That being said, the slower cutting speed compared to other saws in the same product line assures accuracy so if you are not trying to beat a deadline, this saw will do just fine. Although the Makita XSL01Z is designed for use with 7 ½-inch blades, one online reviewer provided a tip that this product works extremely well with 7 ¼-inch blades. Provided your work can still be completed with the loss of an eighth of an inch in cutting depth, the portable cordless saw can handle any cutting job well with the smaller blade. One thing to note is that the rechargeable battery that runs this product is not included in the package and must be purchased separately. For some consumers this is a small issue, for others it is not.

    Depending on the type of work you are doing, battery life could become a concern but another online reviewer provided a practical solution: purchase a double charger and two batteries. The Makita name stands for quality and durability and this smaller (in power) cordless saw lives up to that standard. Whether or not it is the perfect saw for your intended use, you will have to determine yourself. Read more…

  • Makita EK7651H 14-Inch MM4 4 Stroke Power Cutter

    Makita EK7651H 14-Inch MM4 4 Stroke Power CutterThe manufacturer promotes this as the “world’s first 4-stroke power cutter” which should make it stand out right away. The Makita EK7651H is one innovative saw. The features point to this regularly including the advanced oil separation and lubrication system which extends engine life by improving valve train durability. A convenient on/off/choke single lever switch makes it easier to operate and the shielded exhaust plus spark arrestor screen make it safer to use as well.

    Without getting too technical, Makita put a great deal of thought into the design and function of this product. It shows in such things as the external fuel tank which has a vent to eliminate the possibility of pressure being built up inside and the sealed cartridge recoil starter rope. This alone reduces the chance of dust or debris somehow sneaking into the housing fouling up anything to do with start-up. The cutting arm can be positioned in various ways to allow for centre or flush cutting, depending on the project and work space available. This professional 14-inch power cutter is designed to be used in concrete cutting applications and is the perfect product for contractors and construction crews. It should be in the tool shed of virtually any tradesman.

    Shipping weight is 34.5-pounds and this saw also has an oil level check, easy to access carburetor and replaceable fuel tank filter. The complete package includes the Makita EK7651H Power Cutter, a wrench, a Torx wrench, screwdriver, adapter ring, tool kit, oil bottle and water supply kit. Online reviews are positive in relation to how this product operates and the design plus features. The 4-stroke power is a huge bonus with customers pointing out that not only is this model powerful, it runs quieter than some of its 2-stroke competitors. In fact, one reviewer commented that the sound and smell reminded him of a go cart, “…which is kind of cool!” The five-stage air cleaning system, no need for pre-mixing fuel and ease of operation all score high in the eyes of online consumers.

    One reviewer did point out that getting this Makita saw started took several pulls of the starter rope when it was first unpackaged, but following priming and choking, the saw started quicker and with maybe five pulls after warming up. If you are looking for a solid professional saw that is powerful, yet quiet to operate, this would be one of your better bets. Read more…

  • Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

    Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter sawIf you are searching for a basic miter saw that is well-built with not many additional features, is light and simple to carry around, then the Makita LS1040 would be for you. It also comes with a reasonable price tag. The Makita LS1040 weighs just 27.3 pounds and is ultra-portable.

    Most of the miter saws with roughly similar features, weigh more than 35 pounds. This is the enormous benefit for the contractor who has to move the tool on a daily basis. The machine can be bolted to a steady surface – like a table – using two bolt holes situated at the base of the mechanism. You may think 2 bolts would not be enough to secure a power tool like this, but if you take into account the light weight, the two bolts are more than sufficient to anchor the Makita LS1040 securely to the surface.

    The Makita LS1040 has nine positive miter stop settings 45, 22.5, 15, 30 left or right in addition to 90-degree cuts. The tool comes with a safety lock-off key that will prevent any unintentional start. The saw features an electric blade brake – just in case the blade fails to stop after the button trigger is released. Read more…

  • Makita LC1230 12-Inch Metal Cutting Saw

    Makita LC1230 12-Inch Metal Cutting SawThe Makita LC1230 305mm Saw is built-in with a vertical spring and an  aluminium base. No tools are necessary for tuning the angle of the fence and angle adjustment of the wall is made by loosening the lever.

    The dust tray can be dismounted from the machine, for easy cleaning as well as removing of waste.

    It has a shaft padlock for additional safety, and a carrying grip means it is simple to transport from site to site.

    It comes with a 305mm TCT blade and a pair of security goggles. It’s fast cutting with no sparks and this cut off saw give a cold cut by a tungsten carbide tip (TCT).

    This saw blade is fitted with a potent 1,650W motor. It can cut angle iron, pipe, tubing, channel and canal sections, giving a precise, clean cut that is almost burr free.

    Fitted with quick release guide plates, it adjusts from 0 – 45° for rapid and easy miter cutting. The quick release vice adjusts quickly and holds work firmly. The big ‘D’ handle ensures a firm grip, and the lock off button prevents accidental starting. The cutting depth of the Makita LC1230 is 115mm at 90° in addition to 90mm at 45°.  It comes with TCT blade as well as safety goggles. Read more…

  • Makita LS1016L 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser

    Makita LS1016L 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with LaserThis Makita LS1016L dual compound miter saw has big cutting capability, and has a built-in line laser for precise cutting. Tremendously well built with width cutting capacity up to 279mm, able to cut left (52° ) or else right (60°), and includes positive stops.

    The repeat set is simple and rapid and includes vertical cutting up to 120 mm. Four steel bars with six linear ball bearings are used for smooth cutting and precise sliding actions. There is an adaptable stop on the head to place the depth of cutting for housing. The laser tells you the exact cut line and could be used left or  right of the blade. A sliding fence system is fitted for bevel jobs.

    It’s compact and equipped with a transportation handle. It is supplied with TCT blade, grasp down clamp, dirt-bag, triangular decree and left / right sliding job supports. Precise and correct cuts are as easily obtained because of the built-in laser that indicates where you are going to cut the material. In addition, the Makita LS1016L saw also features micro-adjustment for exact “left-of-blade” or “right-of-blade” cutting. Thanks to the transparent blade guard system, you have a greater visibility of the blade and the line of cut. Read more…

  • Makita A-90532 12-Inch 60-Teeth Dry Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

    Makita A-90532 12-Inch 60-Teeth Dry Ferrous Metal Cutting Saw Blade with 1-Inch ArborMade with the best quality materials in addition to being Carbide tipped for durability, Makita A-90532 circular saw blade produces the finest cut with consistent performance. Each tooth is completely honed, resulting in compact micro-chipping as well as ensuring a sharper, cleaner edge.

    The Makita A-90532 saw blade, is designed for working with Makita metal cutting saws.The 12 inch disc cuts mild steel on the work site or in the garage. The saw blade has 60 teeth through a 1-inch arbor. Not used for cutting wood, aluminum, tiles, glass or concrete. Cuts much quicker than an abrasive blade, and without the dirt or sparks.

    One of the most excellent features is that the blade will not heat up the metal.You could touch the cut right after cutting, it stays cold. It also doesn’t get smaller with each use like rough blades do. Just keep in mind, only cut MILD STEEL, or else other soft metals, NOT spring steel, stainless steel, or hardened steel. I highly suggest the use of protection glasses/face shield because of the volume of chips that the blade produces. I would also suggest wearing hearing guards, as it does create high pitched noises while cutting. Read more…

  • Makita 2414NB 14-Inch Portable Cut-Off Saw

    Makita 2414NB 14-Inch Portable Cut-Off SawThe high powered 15-amp motor delivers 3800 rpm. It is capable of making 90 degree cut offs and can cut up to 45 degrees right or else left. It weighs a mere 36 pounds. The fence adjusts 45 degrees right and left, with three locations for various material sizes.

    Precision features for better cutting capabilities. It features a quick-release vise for safe material retention and quick repetitive cut-offs. It also features an adaptable depth stop for accurate and repeatable depth cuts.

    Manufactured by a D-shaped handle for simple gripping, Makita 2414NB has a lock-off key to prevent unintentional start-ups, as well as a spark protection guard. It is perfect for a variety of industrial metalworking jobs. The Makita 2414NB is another example of Makita’s promise for inventive technology as well as best in it’s class engineering.

    Cut after cut, Makita saws convey power, performance plus capacity with less weight. Adjustable depth stops for exact repetitive cut depths. Double insulated, shaft lock for simple wheel changes, rapid release vise for safe stock retention and quick repeated cut-offs. Read more…

  • Makita LS1018 Dual-Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw, 10-Inch

    Makita LS1018 Dual-Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw, 10-InchMakita LS1018 Compound Saw has extensive cutting capability and excellent precision, right out the box. It is perfect for baseboard and crown molding installations, finish carpenters, cabinet and furniture makers, wooden floor installers, deck builders, general construction and more.

    One of the most excellent features on this exacting saw is that it has a powerful 13-amp soft-start motor. The motor also has a straight drive system that delivers 4,300-RPM. This means that you would eventually get a power transfer of 100%, together with extremely smooth start-ups. You would also get steady power, and because of the omission of belts, you will not have to concern yourself about replacing them.

    The design of this saw allows for powerful, yet efficient operating procedures that will be capable of producing both smooth and accurate results in a diverse range of materials.

    Overall, I would suggest the Makita LS1018 Miter to anyone who is searching for a saw that cuts well. If you are in search of a miter saw with plenty of features and a four rail system, be ready to keep looking and cough up a lot more cash. If you value building excellence, ease of use, and precision in your saw, you can’t do much better than  the Makita LS1018 saw. Read more…

  • Makita 2414NBX2 14-Inch 15-AMP Abrasive Cutoff Saw (with 4 1/2″ Angle Grinder)

    Makita 2414NBX2 14-Inch 15-AMP Abrasive Cutoff Saw (with 4 1/2The Makita 2414NBX2 offers a solution for cutting and grinding and is perfect for a range metalworking jobs.

    The Cut-Off Saw operates on a15-Amp motor that delivers 3,800 RPM for enhanced performance, as well as engineered to cut up to 4-1/2″round matter at 45° and 90°. The fence adjusts 45° right and left, with three locations for various material sizes.

    Features include a quick-release vice for stock retention and quick repetitive cut-offs, in addition to an adaptable depth stop for exact and repetitive cutting depth.

    Additional features include a D-shaped handle, a lock-off button to prevent accidental starts, and a spark diversion guard. The Makita 2414NBX2 includes a 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder (model 9557PB). The Angle Grinder is motorized by a 7.5-Amp motor with 10,000 PRM for higher output power in a more compact size. It also has a little diameter barrel grip (only 2-1/2″) weighing a mere 4.5 lbs.

    The Angle Grinder also features a variety of durability features including labyrinth construction, which seals and protects the machine from dust and debris for longer tool life. There is a protective zig-zig glaze engineered to seal the framework and there is an additional large paddle switch for ease of operation. Read more…