The Difference Between Chop Saws and Miter Saws

The Difference Between Chop Saws and Miter Saws

Power tools can come in handy in home improvement projects, furniture building, or other DIY projects that require the chopping and sanding of wood, the slicing of metal, the tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts and many others. It is important to familiarize yourself with the necessary tools to avoid mistakes and mishaps, and to become more efficient in working on whatever task you’re facing.

More importantly, power tools are great innovations that make handyman jobs easier. Gone are the days of our ancestors when it was all hard and manual labor. We no longer have to use axes to chop wood. There are now many types of powerful and efficient saws available for various purposes, including chop saws and miter saws. It is important to understand the difference between chop saws and miter saws so you can select the tool that best fits your application.

What’s the difference between chop saws and miter saws?

The importance of knowing the differences between these two can help anyone choose the right tools to purchase for whatever building project they’re planning. Also many people get confused or interchange these two terms. There is a slight yet crucial difference between the two. It is important to know the specifics to make work more efficient and precise.

Essentially, a chop saw and miter saw uses rotating cylindrical blades that are able to cut through different types of materials. These saws have the power to cut through either wood or metal, depending on the strength and characteristics of the blade used. Different sizes and shapes of blades are available to serve specific purposes or tasks.

What are the uses of a chop saw?

A chop saw refers to any type of stationary power tool that has the capacity to cut any material downwards. It is made up of two parts: first is the blade that is mounted or attached to a hinged arm, and second is the non-movable base where the material being cut or chopped is placed. Generally, a chop saw differs from other saws because it can only usually cut in one direction.

DEWALT D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop SawChop saws are mostly used for chopping metal or steel, but can also be used in cutting other types of solid materials. It is also oftentimes referred to as abrasive or metal cut-off saws, whose blades are more defined and teeth-like, which are designed to cut through the hardest of surfaces.

The Dewalt D28715 14-Inch Quick-Change Chop Saw is a fantastic all around chop saw. The keyless blade clamp, which provide the ability to change blades quickly for working with different materials, makes this versatile saw a job-site must! Couple the innovative chop saw design and the Dewalt brand, and you have a true winner! Please read our full review of this highly rated saw here.

What are the uses of a miter saw?

Unlike the chop saw, the miter saw has the capacity to cut using different angles. It can also be considered as a chop saw, as its blade is also attached to an arm and a stationary base. The only difference is in how the blade turns or rotates. The rotating movement gives the tool operator the leeway to change or adjust the cutting angle. The various cutting angles can help create different types of cuts which can be used in carpentry applications. A miter saw can be used when aiming for precise and specific angled cuts that are great for lumber or tile work.

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