• Black & Decker BDEBCS14 Chop Saw, 14-Inch

    black-decker-BDEBCS14Black & Decker is one of those product names that you know you can trust and when it comes to power tools, they know their stuff. This particular chop saw is pretty special in that it has a solid, strong and powerful 15-amp motor. This kind of power provides you with additional overload capacity which will increase performance and durability. Plus, with a 14-inch blade you have a larger cutting capacity which affords you the versatility you need for more than just standard cutting jobs.

    Speaking of jobs, the Black & Decker BDEBCS14 is a reliable performer which makes it not only a great tool for the workshop at home – it can also pull its weight on job sites cutting through drywall tracks, pipes, tubing and just about anything you need to chop or slice. There’s also added safety features including a spark deflector, retractable blade guard, material vice to hold your work in place, a cutting fence and a study steel base for stability. There’s also a lock pin that makes it safe for transporting from the workshop to job site and back home again. Weighing in at a hefty 37.8-pounds, this monster will rip though whatever you feed it.

    Online reviewers are clearly big fans of the Black & Decker name and as such, there is not a lot posted that would be considered a negative. The positives are many ranging from the construction to additional features with the powerful 15-amp motor receiving much of the praise. A few snags are noted but nothing more than possible design flaws such as the clamp that is only adjustable in one direction. As one reviewer suggested, a spring-loaded quick adjustment knob would be useful for those with a lot of different materials and angle cuts to make. Another reviewer noted that the blade that comes with the original saw may bend a bit during fast cuts which could result in an uneven cut. The same online customer suggested a solution by replacing the blade with a better quality one.

    If you are just a hobbyist using a chop saw to cut material for workshop home projects, you will be very impressed with the capacity of the Black & Decker BDEBCS14. If you are a commercial contractor, you will also find this saw as being very capable in your heavy duty work environment. Overall, this is a versatile product that fits well wherever it is used. Read more…

  • Dremel US40-01 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit with 4 Accessories and 1 Attachment

    Dremel US40-01 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit with 4 Accessories and 1 Attachment It looks like Dremel took their Saw-Max cutting tool, kicked everything up a notch and made the new Ultra-Saw cut machine. The new Dremel Ultra-Saw, model Dremel US40-01,boasts an adaptable 3-in-1 tool.

    Dremel says it could do everything the Dremel Saw-Max could do, and more. From what we could tell, the 3-in-1 functionality refers to the Ultra-Saw’s capability to cut metal, create flush cuts in wood material, and surfaces or grinds diverse materials. The Ultra-Saw has a potent 7.5A motor, a “tough drive train,” a metal foot, and metal protector.

    On the Saw-Max, the foot and guard are made of plastic. The Ultra-Saw cutting wheel and accessories are 3.5″ and 4″ in dimension. From the look of it, the Dremel Ultra-Saw is fundamentally a heavier duty and more useful upgrade to the Saw-Max. We were pretty impressed by the Saw-Max, however, the Ultra-Max does appear to be much more robust, not to mention more helpful.

    There seems to be an additional vacuum adapter which you can obtain, but it’s not incorporated into the Dremel US40-01 kit. The side handle is integrated into the kit, and may come in handy for both grind and cutting applications. A little extra tool control, as well as stability is always a good thing. Read more…

  • Kreg KMS8000 Precision Trak and Stops Kit

    Kreg-KMS8000Cutting wood with precision is a significant part of making sure the project turns out just right. The imprecision of a pencil mark on a board can then be compounded when you follow the incorrect markings with the saw.

    The Kreg KMS8000 Precision Trak plus Stop Kit is designed to take the guesswork out of cutting wood to length. This kit contains 8′  of  track  in 2′  sections of anodized aluminum track that could be mounted to a shop-made support wing – built to the height of your miter saw.

    A 1/2″ self-adhesive tape is then applied to the top of the fence. This is an extremely accurate way to measure, and eliminates the need for a tape measure and pencil.The Precision trak and Stop Kit allows this to happen, by placing the lens cursor on the board length required, place your board against the stop and cut. Precise, action can be repeated and cutting couldn’t be easier. The Kreg KMS8000 Precision measure Systems Kit give you the hardware you require to build a miter saw station, that would turn your saw into a precise cutting system. Read more…

  • SKIL 3302-02 Quick Mount Miter Saw Stand

    SKIL 3302-02 Quick Mount Miter Saw StandThe Skil 3302-02 Quick Mount Portable Miter Saw Stand supports up to 400 pounds to easily support heavy work pieces. It is compact, easy to assemble and  fits most miter saws. It is part of the Skil rapid mount system, allowing for fast and easy setup of Skil miter saws directly onto the stand.

    The brackets are not even needed. Skil 3302-02 can be used with most sliding miter saws up to 10″, as well as compound miter saws up to 12″. This stand boasts extension arms that reach up to 7.85′ for the longer work pieces. The saw stand was simple to assemble. It can easily be compared to more costly stands, as it’s so efficient and simple to use. I would recommend it for the occasional user and specialised user. It took more time to take out of the box, then it did to assemble. Read more…

  • Craftsman 10″ Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Craftsman 10A Craftsman 10′ Sliding Miter Saw gets the job done exactly right. Smooth cutting with laser guided accuracy, lightweight, moveable and cutting flawlessly through thick material. It works extremely well, and the slider is incredibly smooth.

    This is an exceptionally good addition for a job site or home shop. The machine is powerful yet accurate. My single gripe is about the length of the slide. It could not cut all the way through a piece of wood we had glued up, which we thought it could handle. If the slider had been just 2 inches longer, it would’ve work. Using this saw is an ideal way to save cash on any job.

    The Craftsman 10′ sliding miter saw uses smaller, easy-to-maintain blades than larger models. Despite this, the saw still delivers the reach to spin through boards up to 12 inches wide. Each saw has an incorporated arbor lock for suitable blade changes, however they don’t all work the same. The Festools rotating knob locks and stay in place throughout blade changes. With the others, you hold a button to lock the arbor. Read more…

  • Everlast MT1280D 12″ Miter Saw Blade

    Everlast MT1280D 12The Everlast MT1280D is an industrial quality blade, manufactured to go beyond the demands of intense production. It is intended for cutting wood molding on all types of miter machinery and includes Rockwell miter box saws.

    Negative tooth design provides the least possible grab of material. Thin kerf for Ryobi, Craftsman, Makita, Dewalt and Hitachi miter saw. This is an outstanding blade with a grand price tag. I have put it through it’s paces on my miter saw, and it cut hard and soft woods easily and cuts prefinished molding with no tears front or back. The big industrial style carbide will allow for sharpening many times, unlike the teeth on most comparable price blades.

    I will be purchasing a couple more to add to my blade rotations. This Everlast MT1280D blade is beyond my expectation for this kind of blade. Cuttings made through Birch plywood are even with minuscule splintering of the veneers. Cuts made through popular woods are very even with no burning or discoloring. The carbide tips are extremely thick and well sharpened. Give these a try – you will not regret it. Read more…

  • Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 7-1/4″ Cordless Miter Saw – P551 (Tool Only)

    Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 7-1/4Designed for bench plus stationary use, the powerful Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw offers miter angle stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6° in addition to 45° to the left and right.

    It cuts through a maximum width of 1-1/2″ . The Ryobi P551 saw features a laser guide to help you achieve accuracy in a diverse range of cutting jobs. Tremendously compact and lightweight – up to 2” X 4” cutting capacity and 4-1/4″ cross-cut capability.

    24-tooth carbide tipped blade for enhanced performance. Allows for quick, clean cuts ranging from 0 degrees to 45 degrees with adjustable positive stops at 0 degrees, and 45 degrees. Exact line flexible laser alignment system accurately aligns cut line with the blade.

    The Ryobi P551 18-Volt ONE+ 7-1/4″ Miter Saw operates with an 18V ONE+ battery (not included) and provides powerful performance.  Read More…

  • FastCap Chopshop Saw Hood

    FastCap T21343 Chopshop Sew hoodThe FastCap T21343 Chopshop Saw Hood is an extremely useful piece of equipment as it can eliminate all the sawdust in your workplace.

    This chop saw hood is simple to operate and comfy to use – either for cleaning the house and more precisely, the workplace. The FastCap System would impress you when you discover how much it can help you. It’s a great help in cleaning up and saves you the additional pressure to clean all the sawdust  in your wood workshop, after a long day of working.

    It’s a very creative design, and easy to move from one machine to another.If you have a workshop that constantly needs cleaning, this is the perfect product for you. . Read more…

  • Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster 12-Inch 80-tooth ATB Miter Saw Blade with 1-Inch Arbor

    Forrest CM12806115 Chopmaster 12-Inch 80-tooth ATB Miter Saw Blade with 1-Inch ArborThe Forrest CM12806115 miter saw blade is specially designed for radial arm saws and compound miter saws. This blade is far heavier than other designs, which makes it durable and efficient at cutting with ease. The dual hard, submicron carbon that the blade is made from, will last up to 300 % longer than regular blades.Cuts clean every time with the exclusive tooth style on the edge, ensuring that there are no bottom splinters.

    You will be so impressed with this product and the excellent way it cuts. The 12” blade includes a 1/8″ kerf in addition to a 1″ arbor hole, which ensures that it can be used on multiple saws.There is zero tearout with the Forrest CM12806115 miter saw blade. Every cut is like a hot knife through butter. The results are superb, however this blade is costly. However you get what you pay for – which is excellence. Not only is this blade outstanding, but it will  last longer; thus, it is in fact, more cost effective than the more affordable alternatives.  The blade is straight, and perfect, which is another advantage that you will notice. Read more…

  • Bosch CM8S 8-1/2 Inch Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Bosch CM8S 8-1/2 Inch Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter SawWhen it comes to accurate cutting on the job site, a miter saw is a necessary tool, however the downside is that it is generally one of the largest tools to lug around. The unique Bosch CM8S may be the perfect option for expert quality cutting, whilst at the same time being lightweight and portable.

    The Bosch CM8S saw does carry all the excellence you’d anticipate from Bosch, including the expandable work surface, solid construction, and user-friendly control. The motor is a smaller 12 amp unit, however, seemed to perform extremely well with everything we threw at it.. The top carry handle was designed to make carrying or working all day, very comfortable.  When you push the handle downwards, it pushes against the dust bag which enables the  dust to flow directly into the bag. This didn’t appear to block in our test – but seems like there could have been a better resolution to limit possible issues down the road.

    With the dirt collection vacuum hose attached to the handle -it stays more vertical against the house – so it’s not in the way. However if we are being critical, it does seem a little awkward. Read more…

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