Top 10 Miter and Chop Saw Safety Tips

Top 10 Miter and Chop Saw Safety Tips

Here is a short review of some very important miter and chop saw safety tips. Before we take a look at them, let us stress the importance of reading and following instructions, suggestions and guidelines set out in the owner’s manual that came with your power tool. The instructions will show you how to properly use your miter saw to its full potential. Taking short cuts can lead to injuries, so be sure you completely understand the operation of your saw before using it for any project!

If you do not have, or cannot find, the instruction guide for your chop saw, please contact your manufacturer immediately and do not use your saw until you’ve completely reviewed and understand all of the safety features of your saw!

Safety Tip #1 – Proper Eye Protection

When operating a miter saw you should always wear proper eye protection. Safety glasses are meant to keep you safe from flying particles associated with sawing materials of any kind.

Safety Tip #2 – Proper Ear Protection

Along with proper eye protection, proper ear protection is critical. Most people don’t think about protecting their hearing when operating power tools, however the high pitch and high decibels of these tools warrant proper in-ear or over-ear protection.

Safety Tip #3 – No Loose Clothing

Do not, under any circumstances, wear anything that can be considered loose clothing. In addition, gloves, jewelry or any other object that can be classified as ‘dangling’ should not be anywhere near a miter saw.

Safety Tip #4 – Proper Guards

This miter saw safety tip is related to the safety features of your power tool. When in operation, ensure that any and all guards are functioning properly. Do not attempt to alter how they rest or are used. If a guard appears to be slow to return to its normal position or gets stuck, do not use the miter saw until this issue has been corrected.

Safety Tip #5 – Power Management

When you are making any adjustments to the blades or guards on your miter saw, or making repairs to any part of the power tool, be sure to unplug it from its power source. Locking out the parts of the saw that you are not using is also another good idea when repairing or adjusting your power tool.

Safety Tip #6 – Stay Clear

This may sound far too obvious, but as a miter saw safety tip it bears repeating. Keep fingers and hands clear of the saw blade when it is being used for cutting.

Safety Tip #7 – Cleaning

While cleaning any and all moving parts of your chop saw will ensure longer life and better performance, here’s one cleaning tip to keep in mind. When you keep the lower guard clean, which may mean doing so more frequently than anywhere else, you are also improving your visibility and the movement of the protective guard.

Safety Tip #8 – Sizing It Up

Blades come in various sizes but the best size for your miter saw is that recommended for use with your particular model. Do not try to use a different size. Also, for better performance, check the blade regularly and tighten it when needed. The blade attachment mechanism can also become loose with frequent use so it should be checked on a regular basis as well.

Safety Tip #9 – Clamp it Down

Here’s a miter saw safety tip related to the cutting of material. Do not cut anything without first clamping it securely in place. This prevents a number of potential problems. Also, do not attempt to cut anything ‘freehand’ and do not cut pieces of material too small to be clamped safely.

Safety Tip #10 – Finishing The Cut

After cutting through any kind of material, first release the trigger switch. Once the blade has come to a complete stop you can then raise the blade from what you have been cutting. Spinning blades being removed following a cut may end up damaging the material – or you!

A miter saw is one of the most useful power tools in your collection. Knowing how to use it properly allows you to accomplish a lot of work without downtime from problems that may occur from not taking the time to completely understand what your saw can do. These miter saw safety tips will assist in keeping you safe and keep your tool in proper working order for many years to come.